Ignore Those Code Verification Messages On WhatsApp To Avoid Getting Your Phone Hacked

Whatsapp Warning

Yet another warning about the recent flood of WhatsApp hacks has come up.

It seems there's a growing fascination for hackers to go into residents' phones and if you've seen a random message asking you to verify a code- think twice before doing so.

The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is asking people NOT to reply to these code verification messages, unless initiated by you.

These messages come in the form of an SMS

In a series of tweets by the TRA, it has also added that many have been hacked as a result of clicking on these messages.

It's one of the many methods hackers use to get into private accounts.

The scam messages are mostly in English but some are also in French

Warn your friends, family members and colleagues before it's too late.

Similarly, refrain from immediately opening random links, or SMS messages with attached files- because it might fall under this 'hacking' category too.

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