Is the heavyweight rematch between Fury and Klitschko coming to Dubai?

We could have one of the biggest boxing matches RIGHT HERE!

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Looks like Dubai might be about to host one of the biggest fights the boxing world has ever seen.

Tyson Fury’s uncle and trainer Peter Fury confirmed that the UAE is down to the last two possible locations for his heavyweight rematch against Wladimir Klitschko.

Earlier this month Tyson had said that Abu Dhabi was a possible of five locations that they were looking at. He said: “I’d rather go to Abu Dhabi or Qatar” than fight again in Germany.

He also mentioned negotiations to have it on a cruise ship with a “Sheikh in Dubai”, but that idea seems to have been parked.

Tyson explained to The Daily Telegraph: “We even had negotiations to have it on a cruise ship. There was a Sheikh in Dubai who owned a yacht which would fit only 120 people on. He didn’t want to broadcast the fight anywhere and he said he could sell 120 tickets at $1 million (Dh3.67m) each, so that would have been $120m.

“He wanted to have an exclusive heavyweight championship of the world fight with no TV station, with just those 120 people watching. He didn’t say how much I would get, but I probably would have had the biggest half of the $120 million — so I was all for it.

“I don’t think it’s possible now, but it would have been an epic story.”

But Dubai itself is still in the running, with the UAE and the UK having been announced as the two remaining contenders.

Peter Fury said: “The fight is going to take place in one of two places, it’s either going to be in the UAE or in the United Kingdom, it’s a toss-up between the two and talks are ongoing. The best package will take it. It’s just about maximising revenue.”

Amongst possible venues is The Sheikh Rashid Hall at Dubai World Trade Centre, which hosted a fight between Shelby Gross and former heavyweight champion Michael Moorer in 2008.

The rematch will come after Tyson took Wladimir's heavyweight crown last November, brining an end to his nine-year reign as heavyweight champion. It's going to be a big fight...and we're excited about the prospect of it possibly being here in the UAE! 

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