Is This Friday The Best Day Of Music That Dubai Has Ever Seen?

How you can see RUN-DMC, 2Manydjs and Ja Rule on the same day

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If you’re a music-lover in Dubai… you’re probably so excited, but so confused right now.

You wait ages for a truly amazing music act to come along… and then they all decide to turn up on the same day. The questions in your head are relentless right now: Who should you choose to see: RUN-DMC? Ja Rule? 2Manydjs? Alo Wala? Hercules & Love Affair? Lost Frequencies? Can you see more than one if you’re strategic?

Well, the majority of these acts are actually spread over two events, Sole DXB at Dubai Design District (register on the website today and get in for free) and One Big Friday at Zero Gravity (get there before 6pm and you won’t have to pay). The one exception is Ja Rule who will be ‘Livin it Up’ at Movida Dubai at The Radisson Royal Hotel, Downtown.

We’re planning on catching at least three acts, and so can you, as we’ve hunted down the exact timings for each act. So, go ahead and plan when and where you need to take your dancing shoes…

7pm: Darryl (DMC) McDaniels of RUN-DMC, Sole DXB

Catch the champion of Hip Hop in action

8pm: Hercules & Love Affair, Zero Gravity

Listen out for this and 'Blind' to keep your feet moving

9.30pm: Alo Wala, Sole DXB

Vocalist Alo's outfits are as mesmerising as her tunes

10pm: Lost Frequencies, Zero Gravity

They've got more hits than you think

12am: 2Manydjs, Zero Gravity

Making your favourite songs sound even better

1am: Ja Rule, Movida Dubai

Warning: He might not be on time

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