Is this the most controversial show that Dubai has seen?

Dubai TV cancels show after social media backlash

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New telly show The Queen has been dominating social media for the past week...some people love it, but others it would seem aren't that keen. So much so, that Dubai TV has made the decision to take the show off air after various hashtag versions of 'Stop The Queen' started trending.

So what's all the fuss about? And if your Arabic language skills aren't all that, you're probably wondering what we're actually talking about. Well, let us explain. 

'The Queen' is a very famous UAE singer called Ahlam Ali Al Shamsi...or Ahlam to her legions of fans. And the concept of this show is based around that army of hardcore followers. The fans will be put through a series of tests and tasks to find the ultimate Ahlam devotee...who gets to be her 'best friend'. Sounds pretty weird, but then again, weird has always made compelling viewing.

So, what's the problem? It would seem that viewers had an issue with watching a group of people make fools of themselves to win such a 'prestigious' prize. Many complained that she was treating these fans like 'slaves' and it was humiliating for everyone involved. Here's a few tweets... 

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Well looks likes social media won this war of words as Dubai TV station made the decision to cancel the rest of the series. Here's what you missed...

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