The UAE Has A Public Holiday This Thursday - Here's What You Need To Know

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Both public and private sectors will enjoy a public holiday this Thursday for Al Hijri New Year.

Al Hijri New Year officially falls on Tuesday, September 11, however the public and private sectors have been granted a day's holiday on Thursday, September 13. The date signifies the beginning of the Islamic new year.

The New Year holiday marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar

Al Hijri is given to the first date of the new year, the first month of the Islamic calendar is called Muharram.

Muharram is considered a time of observance and mourning. The word ‘Muharram’ comes from the word 'haram' and it means ‘forbidden’. Acts such as fighting and war are forbidden during this holy month.

No formal entertainment will take place this weekend and a dry night has been announced from Monday, September 10 at 6pm until Tuesday, September 11 at 7pm

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