'It’s A Dubai Thing' Is A New Documentary Web Series Celebrating People In Dubai And It's Launching Soon

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It's A Dubai Thing: A docu-web series exploring different cultural celebrations in Dubai, Lovin Dubai meet the people that make up this city and discover how much of their national identity remains part of their lives.

2019 is the Year of Tolerance, and with a mix of over 200 nationalities living side-by-side, this series celebrates how the accepting attitude of the people living here mean cultural celebrations are just that little bit different to the rest of the world.

Millions of expats have made Dubai home, but still retain their own identity, thanks to Dubai's open attitude. Let's celebrate that.

This month, we want to talk to and film anyone who's celebrating Australia Day

Tell us how you're celebrating Australia Day in Dubai? Are you having a party in your home, hitting the beach, heading to a bar, hosting a BBQ, or are you even celebrating? We want to film the Aussie expat population for the first episode of 'It's A Dubai Think'

It's a Dubai Thing wants to cover...

Australia Day, Valentine's Day, St Paddy's Day, St George's Day , Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr, Philippines Independence Day, India Independence Day, Pakistan Independence Day, Lebanese National Day, Diwali, UAE National Day, Christmas, New Year and more.

Fill in the Google form below to take part or if you have a suggested event for us to cover.

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