June Is Here And You're Not Going To Like This Weather

Hot, but not THAT hot!

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While the average temperature for June is expected to be around 40 degrees Celsius, the good news is that temperatures at night will be just under 30 degrees Celsius (and if we're lucky, there could be lows of 25 degrees Celsius). Here's some other stuff from the weatherman...

Temperatures across the Gulf are expected to reach highs of 50 degrees Celsius, with Saudi Arabia averaging 45 to 50 degrees Celsius


Dubai's temperature this month could peak at 41 degrees Celsius 


The temperatures in shopping malls are another story


Did you know?

Last year on 2 June, UAE was the HOTTEST place in the world. Local media reported temperatures at 50.5 degrees Celsius in Al Ain (and that was around 11am).

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