A MAJOR Meteor Shower Is Going To Hit The Dubai Skyline Next Week

Dubai Meteor Shower

Good news, stargazers.

Another major celestial phenomenon, the Peseid Meteor Shower, is taking place in the coming week.

And it's going to be visible in the Dubai sky

According to Dubai Astronomy Group, the meteor shower will take place on August 12 and August 13 and will be peak on the night of August 12 from 2am-4am.

NASA has stated Perseid meteor showers are one the most popular amongst stargazers because they are rich in fireballs so they are just that much more mesmerizing to look at

And there is going to be a Meteor Shower part in the desert as well

The Dubai Astronomy Group has organized a Perseid Meteor Shower party from 10pm - 4am in Al Qudra desert on August 12-13. Tickets cost AED150 for adults and AED70 for children below 13 years.

Expect to be able to see A LOT of celestial bodie including Saturn, Venus and Jupiter.

Note: It is advised to pack plenty of water and always remain in a group in the desert.

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