Mo Salah Is In Dubai And He Was Just Spotted At This Popular Beach Club


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Mo Salahhhhhhhhh...

Egypt and Liverpool Football Club's golden boy Mohamed Salah is taking a well-earned break after a huge season of club and international football and he's chosen a spot after our own hearts...

Yup, the star rocked up to Marina located beach club Zero Gravity this week, where he was spotted taking a dip in the pool with some mates...

Mo Salah was spotted at popular beach club Zero Gravity

Wonder where he'll watch the World Cup...

Chilling in the temperature controlled infinity pool that Zero Gravity is known for, the footballer is surrounded by a couple of friends and what could be a body guard.

The famous beach club is a known party spot

But it looks like Mohamed Salah caught it on a quiet day

Dubai World Cup tent suggestions for the footballer

We got you...

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