A New Canadian Bar And Grill Is Set To Open At JBR And It's Got Loads Going On


With restaurants and bars opening so frequently in the city, it definitely takes a lot for each one to shine. And this one seems to be going in the right direction.

JBR will soon see the opening of a new bar and grill called Ten Street offering Canadian-inspired cuisine - think poutine, hot Buffalo wings, sushi pizza and burgers. Plus, they promise you'll never get bored of the menu because it will change every ten weeks.

Defining itself as 'a cool late night party venue', the hangout at Oasis Beach Tower will feature a DJ, karaoke, as well as pool tables. 

It definitely seems like our kind of party! 

The venue


The food


The beverages


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Naina Shahani

Born and brought up in Dubai, Naina is a trained reflexologist who loves gastronomic adventures, genuine people and green tea. When not writing, she splits her time between finding different places to eat at and perfecting her Instagram shots.