Social Media Influencers Will HAVE TO Obtain Two Licenses Worth AED30,000 From Now On

These rules are for people who make money endorsing brands

Social Media Influencers Law

New regulations concerning social media influencers (individuals who make money endorsing brands), which were announced in March left people with more confusion and ambiguity. 

Several questions about licenses, trade, and the nuance of the business arose at the time of the announcement, all of which have been answered now.

UAE influencers will need two mandatory licenses under new regulations

As per the directive by the National Media Council, influencers will have to get a trade license before they can apply for the special e-media licence. It is this e-media license that will allow them to post content that advertises brands on their social media channels.

This also means e-business and influencers will have to get an e-media licence until the first week of June to apply on the NMC's website.

According to Fiona Robertson, a senior associate in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice with Al Tamimi & Co, these all include freelancer visas. 

“We have also confirmed that with the National Media Council. Note that this can be a freelancer visa, such as those provided by Dubai Creative Clusters Authority and twofour54", said she to The National

“A trade licence varies depending on the type, the authority and the location that is chosen. The e-media licence is set at Dh15,000", she further added. 

Influencers who fail to adhere to the new laws will have their social media accounts or blogs shut down in addition to raking a fine up to AED5000. 

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