New swanky VIP service means UAE citizens can apply for UK long stay visas from the comfort of their homes

OR for slightly cheaper, get chauffeur-driven from your home to a luxury lounge

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We all know what a total pain it is applying for visas in, we're hoping the UAE might take after the UK, who have just introduced an 'at home' service for UAE residents who want to visit the UK for more than a short-stay.

The premium service means an official brings all the paperwork (complete with the "biometric" device – eye scanner – needed to complete the application) to your home. The paperwork can be done while you enjoy a nice cup of tea brewed in your own kitchen.

Then two or three days later – the visa is hand-delivered to your door. Want it quicker than that? Pay a little extra and get it back in 24-hours.

Of course, The UAE is the only place in the world that this UK Visa service is available. So how much will a 'premium' service like this cost you? Well, it's not that bad, you're looking at £750 (approx AED 4,000).

Sound a bit pricey, worry not, there's a slightly cheaper 'luxury' option that will cost £435 (approx AED 2,300). For this price, you'll get chauffeur-driven to a luxury 'Platinum Lounge' at Wafi Mall, you can chill in your own private booth, while VFS, the processing company, gets to work. Then of course, you'll get chauffeur-driven home, with your visa hand-delivered in two or three days.

Sounds brilliant to us...if only we could apply our UAE residency visas in the same way, until then...see you in the medical queue.

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