A GORGEOUS New Tea House Just Opened In Dubai And The Decor Is Just Everything

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Your inner child is going to get so much happier with this new tea house opening.  

Tania's Tea House is a completely PINK tea house that serves good coffee, teas and puns. It looks absolutely gorgeous on the inside and it just opened up in Jumeirah Beach road, Dubai. 

The decor is so Instagram-worthy it's crazy and you'll blow up your camera roll with how lush it looks! 

It's giving everyone Legally Blonde vibes and it's easy to understand why

First of all, the whole villa is actually pink

The menus are also pink

Yes, the plates are pink too

The to-go cups are tea-rrific with fantastic puns

The lattes will be the talk of the town with these fashion-forward designs

It's basically every little girl's dream tea house

As the name suggests it was founded by Tania, hence Tania's teahouse and it's just as if she knew what we didn't know we needed. 

It's tea-time and this spot will fill you with positivi-tea! 

Tania's Tea House is just one quirky cafe out of the many you can find in Dubai, so don't worry you definitely won't be running out of tea spots any time soon. 

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