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Police Are Still Searching For A 15-Year-Old Boy Who’s Been Missing From Home For Two Weeks

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A young boy aged 15, studying in Delta English School in Sharjah has been reported missing by his parents.

It has been two weeks since Mohammad Perwez Alam ran away from home late night on July 4 after an argument with his mother and is yet to be found by authorities.

Mohammad Perwez lives in Al Muwaileh with his parents. It’s been reported that the boy had gotten into a clash with his mom overusing his phone for watching videos late at night and had gone missing since that night.

The Sharjah police have been trying their level best to investigate the whereabouts of the young schoolboy

The parents alerted the police of their son disappearing the same night itself. They filed for a missing person’s complaint at the Industrial Area Police Station and also informed the Consulate General of India of the disappearance as well.

The youngster has allegedly gone missing without any trace whatsoever, as his Emirates ID and passport are with his parents and does not own a mobile phone of his own and uses his mother’s phone when in need of one.

Mohammad Perwez’s parents and three younger sisters have been restlessly going from door to door day and night in search for him ever since his disappearance on July 4, hoping to be reunited with their son once again.

The police are urging anyone with any information on the young boy to inform the local authorities ASAP! OR immediately call the police on 80040 or 065943210

Feature image credits: Khaleej Times 1 and Khaleej Times 2

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