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There’s A Pop-Up At The Dubai Mall That Allows You To Customise Your Shoes

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Tomorrow is a public holiday (for most people) and if you want to check out something pretty unique, head straight to The Dubai Mall.

UK-based designer Aruna Seth has brought her brand’s (known by the same name) Italian cobbler to Level Shoes.

You can meet the cobbler who will assist you with creating a unique pair and while you’re doing that, you’ll see the process of shoe manufacturing and all the details and techniques involved in creating a fancy pair. You pick your satin and the colour of the butterfly embellishment and the cobbler will put it together. It could be your best pair to date you know.

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Event information:

The pop-up is on until 17th December at Level Shoes, The Dubai Mall. The cobbler will be there until 12th December. Get more information here.

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