The Ramadan Sharing Fridges Are Back And Here's How You Can Help In 2019

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The Ramadan Sharing Fridges are a charitable initiative that's totally unique to Dubai.

Born from one single fridge, with the aim to provide free food and drink to community workers during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Now, fast forward four years, the entirely community and volunteer lead organisation counted over 150 fridges last year, and it's showing no signs of slowing down.

In preparation for 2019, Ramadan Sharing Fridges released some rules

Firstly, the group ARE looking for potential fridge managers, but you must register your fridge before Ramadan starts and provide a valid Emirates ID.

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The growing community has seen businesses that are small, medium and large, Dubai Government and schools get involved

Can't manage a fridge? Here's the Ramadan Sharing Fridge map so far, which you'll be able to donate to daily during the Holy Month.

Linked to Emirates Crescent and the IACAD, the sharing fridges are Dubai-based only

It's truly amazing to see Dubai residents come together for this year-on-year

A brief glance at any of the Ramadan Sharing Fridges social pages gives you an idea of the huge response from the public, and come Ramadan, people remember there's a fridge near them (there's one outside the supermarket below me, so handy) and regularly top it up when they're passing.

The fridge near me is in constant use, which is so positive. If you have never donated to a Ramadan Fridge before, stay tuned for the map info and make it your mission to do so this Ramadan.

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