Expect Robots Not Lifeguards To Rescue People At Dubai Beaches Soon

Keeping the beaches of Dubai super safe


Dubai is a land of 'firsts' so this doesn't surprise us too much.

Dubai Municipality has launched 125cm tall robots to help with rescue operations on the city’s beaches. This is something that has been seen in the US but is new to the region. The remote-controlled robot can swim at 12 times the speed of a human and can save as many as five people at a time. Weighing just 11kg, they're able to float effortlessly and tolerate extreme weather conditions including high waves or heavy ocean currents - a scenario that's not very easy for human lifeguards to work through.

If you're curious about how these robots work? Recycled batteries are the answer. The batteries charge in about 90 minutes and then the robot is good to go. Around 30 rescue operations can be completed before it needs to be charged again.

"The move is also in response to the Dubai government directives to keep up with the latest technologies and innovations in this area as well as to ensure that all the necessary requirements and precautions are in place to enhance the rescue operations on the public beaches of Dubai," said Alya Al Harmoudi, Director of Environment Department at Dubai Municipality.

So don't be surprised seeing robots patrolling the beaches the next time you're there.

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