Safe Drivers In Dubai Could Win Big With Dubai Police


If you drive in Dubai, have you heard of the white points system? It is basically one that rewards motorists who haven't committed traffic offences for an entire year.

This year, two Emiratis were handed over cars - a Hyundai Veloster and a Hyundai Sonata - as prizes for their safe driving. 

Happening each year since 2013, the scheme rewards motorists who have collected 24 'white points' with their safe driving.

Just so you know how big this initiative is: 1,800 motorists have been rewarded this year itself, out of which 1,090 were men and 710 women. There were 400 Emiratis, 530 Asians, 500 Arabs, 270 Europeans and 100 from other nationalities.

How you can collect white points and be rewarded...

Firstly, you need to have a valid driving licence issued from Dubai with the registration licence of the vehicle owned by you as well to qualify for the white points system.

An eligible person can receive a total of 24 white points a year (two for each month). The points will be calculated at the end of each year. 

Remember: you lose your entitlement to the month’s points on being involved in any kind of traffic violation during that month. Even if the vehicle wasn't driven by you, so be careful about who you share your car with. You can also lose the accumulated points if you're involved in a huge violation in the same year.

It is important you do not have traffic or parking fines, nor Salik fines.

In short, you record should be unblemished. 

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