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Salt Bae Has Just Opened A Burger Joint In Dubai And You Can Actually Afford It

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All hail our saltiest bae.

The Insta-famous Turkish chef (although often we do claim his as our own) who has restaurants worldwide, has just opened a burger joint in DIFC, piling hundreds of people in on day one of business.

Personally I’m a fan of fastfood burgers, Five Guys, Salt, High Joint (read: nothing too fancy), ‘cus fine-dining restaurants never seem to get burgers right. BUT, Salt Bae knows meat and this DIFC resto looks like a wholeeee other side project versus his usual fancy resto style.

It’s called Saltbae Burger, (he’s OG like that) and this video shows a burger that’s simply DRIPPING. Just how it should be

Whether or not it will be a celeb-magnet like the rest of his steakhouses remains to be seen

720 people piled in for day 1 of  business

With prices from AED50 for a Wet Burger and AED65 for shakes, this is a Salt Bae dining experience you can actually afford.

Crazy shakes are so in they’re nearly out: Salt Bae got the memo and went one step further

Is that BAKLAVA? Well played Bae, well played.

Tempted? Erm, obvssss

The restaurant is open daily from 11am till 2am.

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