5 Reasons The Lovin Dubai Cruise Is The ULTIMATE Way To Spend Your Weekend

Aboard the world's LARGEST commercial yacht

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The countdown is on until the first installment of the Lovin Dubai Cruise's second season and it's SO EXCITING.

Aboard the Lotus Mega Yacht, this is a gorgeous way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

The cruise sets sail from Dubai Marina's Pier 7 at 1pm on Saturday, and will cruise around the Dubai waters until docking at 5pm, and it's the ULTIMATE way to spend your weekend - here's why.

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1. It's aboard the world's LARGEST commercial mega-yacht


The Lotus Mega Yacht has three levels, a pool on board, a rooftop bar, cinema room and a HUGE dining room for the feast. You'll legit feel like you're on a cruise.

2. The weather is finally good

Thank god it has cooled down - and it's the ideal weather for a yacht party. Enjoy the sun and sea breezes while sipping on delish mixed drinks.

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3. There is a CINEMA ROOM and a pool!

Bring your swimsuit, there's a pool on board.

In the bougiest of bougie days, chill out in the yacht's swimming pool, out the back - and get some AH-MAZING Instagram piccies.

AND if you've had enough of the sunshine and pool vibes, get some RnR in the cinema room - which is screening classic movies all cruise long.

4. You can frolick in the pool, or sunbathe

Don't spend your hard-earned cash on beach passes, when you can get pool access with a sun deck and THE BEST views, aboard the Lovin Dubai Cruise.

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5. It's Instagram GOALS

Make all your pals well jel, with spanning shots of the yacht, with the iconic Dubai skyline in the background. It's basically the ultimate backdrop for a good Insta-game.

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The deets

The Lovin Dubai Cruise is happening every Saturday from 1-5pm

The Lotus Mega Yacht departs from Pier 7

Three dates are excluded - November 24, December 29 & January 5. Every other Saturday is operational.

Prices AED199 for soft drinks, AED299 for house beverages, AED499 for the VIP package.

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