So, how long is it going to rain this time?

Could it be time to invest in an umbrella?

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It started with a few rain drops at about 10pm last surely not? Not again? Do we live in a country where it rains now?? Do we need to invest in an umbrella? I know we're all resisting the urge to buy one...who has a brolly in Dubai...nonsense! Well, we're thinking about getting one...we might need one for the next couple of days.

 Dubai, including the Al Maktoum International Airport, recorded moderate showers throughout the early hours, with rain expected throughout the day.

The weather has been brought on due to a "low pressure at the surface of the earth extended from the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula associated with extension of low pressure in upper air". That's the words of the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), we're not exactly sure what that means but the upshot is; "It's rainy".

Showers are expected to be heavy at times, with the odd bout of thunder. The rain and possible thunderstorms are expected to continue into Wednesday night, with the weather clearing up by Thursday morning...phew!

You can expect a sunny weekend and we're hoping that's the last of the rain for the foreseeable, you can tell your friends and family, it's safe to visit!

This is how today looks...

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And tomorrow...

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Before normal service resumes...

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