With This Special Tag You Get Petrol Worth AED 100 Absolutely Free

The ViP tag costs AED 250


For those who haven't come across one yet, the ViP (Vehicle Identification Pass) tag is an automated and paperless payment system for fuel (yep, quite like your Salik tag). Once you buy a packet, it's pretty easy to use. You stick it on to your vehicle, head to a station, refuel with the help of an attendant and drive off. There's no more struggling to find cash or having to get off your car to feed in your PIN for card payments. 

The ViP tag costs AED 250 and is available at Enoc and Eppco stations. The current promotion gives vehicle owners AED 100 worth of petrol free with each tag purchased

The response has been positive with a lot more customers now wanting to use the service because of the preloaded credit. Previously it wasn't as popular, because customers believed they could use the amount to get fuel directly instead.

Here's how the process works

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