Spend This Thursday With More Meaning By Attending An Event For Rare Disease Day

Such a heart-warming event.

Rare Disease Day

The hustle and bustle of life get so extreme, especially in a big city, that we sometimes forget to take part and truly be part of the community.

It's easy to get side-tracked when work takes over, responsibilities preside and the loudness becomes all too consuming, often leading to a feeling of nothingness.

Being and taking part in the community and knowing you're helping make a difference can get you out of that streak, hopefully reigniting purpose in day-to-day activities.

There's an especially inspiring event tomorrow (Thursday) that is free to attend at Dubai Kite Beach

On February 28, the empowering movement thought up by four Dubai moms of children with rare diseases, will be making its return. The World Rare Disease Day is an international event dedicated to that exact date, to help unite families and all members of society to recognise those who have to live with rare diseases.

Why this is important and how YOUR appearance alone can help

Because, simply put, awareness is key.

Knowing that 450 million PEOPLE across the world are, at this very moment, fighting a rare disease without the possibility of treatments or cures is quite a daunting thought.

Just put yourself in the families' of those with the diseases' place, and most of these rare diseases affect children the most, by 75 percent.

Being around those who go through the hardships, or have been able to produce motivating outcomes help strengthen the difficulties while spreading the word on the diseases- hopefully enabling more professionals to try and find appropriate treatments.

Show up and #showyoucare tomorrow

Take a walk on the promenade of Kite Beach or partake in free kite flying, music and fun activities on the beach while helping send a positive message.

For more info on The World Rare Disease Day, check out their website or IG here.

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