Supermarkets will drop food prices by up to 50% during Ramadan

That's one reason to stick around this Summer!

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If grabbing a bargain is what makes you happy...then you'll be delighted to hear that the Ministry of Economy has announced that supermarkets will be doing cheap food during Ramadan.

Expect the prices of basics like rice, sugar, milk powder, fruit and veg to fall by up to 50% this Ramadan, which is expected to start on June 6.

Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, director of the ministry’s consumer protection department, said: "Prices would drop by between 20 and 50 per cent, and that no price increase requests would be considered until after the holy month."

Supermarkets have backed the price cuts. A spokesperson for LuLu Hypermarkets said: “We reduce the price of commodities, especially food that is consumed in large quantities. These include rice, sugar, milk powder and oil. Ramadan is not the time to make profit out of food." 

Almaya Supermarkets will also have Ramadan promotions at its 47 stores across the country. The initiative is to help families who will be bulk cooking during Ramadan but the discounts are available to everyone...yay!

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