The Cereal Cafe is already causing controversy and it's nowhere near open yet!

Social media reacts to the 'hip-monstrosity' concept

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Yesterday, we ran a story about two brothers who are launching a cereal cafe here in Dubai, following the success of two similar cafes in London. We explained the controversy they'd faced back in England from protestors who thought the 'very hipster' concept of the Cereal Killer Cafe was adding to the gentrification of neighbourhoods in east London.

No such issue would be a problem here though, right? In a place where paying AED 40 - 50 for a hot chocolate doesn't raise an eyebrow. 


It seems the concept is getting a mixed reaction...from the 'this is the best thing since sliced bread' positive attitude of some, to the ' don't let these morons come to Dubai' comments...ouch!

One particularly annoyed comment, on a fellow publication's comments section, came from Yousef Barqawi, a local restauranteur, who owns Fraiche Cafe and Bistro in JLT:

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Ouch! And he wasn't the only unhappy one...

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Of course, there were plenty of happy shoppers too, who took a more light-hearted view of the new concept. 

As cereal lovers...we're just a little bit excited! Let us know what you think, we're pretty sure this isn't the last we've heard of this story!

Oh and if you're not convinced...they also do shakes...

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