The Cocktail Kitchen in JLT is fully open...

and now finally serving booze!

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Imagine walking home through the rather lovely JLT Park, past a really cool new bar, every evening...but it doesn't serve booze. We've been gagging with thirst.

So, we were delighted to find out that said bar: Cocktail Kitchen, is now 'fully functional'.

The bar and kitchen located below Armada BlueBay Hotel in Cluster P, JLT, describes itself as 'modern European with a twist, inspired by the classic dishes of Spain, Italy, France and Portugal' – sounds pretty fancy to us. 

With dishes like 'Bloody Mary Beef', 'Duck on A Side Car' and 'Ricard Salmon' ...we're picking up the cocktail meets kitchen theme here.

Cocktail Kitchen has a simple concept, one that just wants people to pop in for some nice food paired with delicious cocktails, wines and craft beers, all at pretty affordable prices too (mains start at AED 75) ...sounds good to us.

As well as the bar and kitchen, pop along to find out what The Back Room, Tasting Table, Cold Prep Counter and Enclosed Terrace are all about. We're heading there right now...


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all photography by Sandra Zarneshan

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