Happy Steak and Blow Day!

We bring you the best steaks and the best blow-dries Dubai has to offer...

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Ok, ladies and gents it's the 14th of March which means it's Steak and Blow Day, conveniently dated exactly a month after Valentines just incase the romance has started to wear off. For those of you who haven't heard of this romantic day,  Steak and Blow Day is celebrated world-wide but is usually a day solely  dedicated to all the gents in the world so they can enjoy some of life simplest pleasures....don't know what we're talking about? Look it up!

Well, here at Lovin Dubai we're all about equality so we thought we'd mix it up a bit and give the ladies something to enjoy too. We thought we'd round up the very best of both steaks AND blow-dries in Dubai, so that later on, after work you can all treat yourself to something naughty and nice.

So here goes:

The Steaks...

The Hide

Forget your T-bone, rump and fillet steaks. At Al Qasr's latest 'meatery' The Hide, it's all about the 'forgotten cuts' favoured by the butcher. From flank, to hanger and flat iron the beef is served with unusual accompaniments, such as Irish oysters with seaweed mignonette. Strange but wonderful.

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If there's one thing Argentinians do well, it's steak. And Gaucho is no exception to that rule. Enjoy an 'asado' (barbecue) in this slick, DIFC setting as the expert staff talk you through each cut and cooking style to ensure you get your perfect piece of meat, which is then seasoned beautifully.

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Seafire at Atlantis The Palm

This is where dedicated meat lovers can get their chops around one of the most expensive cuts in Dubai – the AED 980 Mater Kobe Wagyu signature fillet, which has a marble score of more than nine. For the crazy melt-in-the-mouth texture and abundance of flavour – it's worth every dirham.

The Blow-Dries...

Maria Dowling...

One of – if not the most sought-after hairdressers in Dubai is Maria Dowling – who has built an international reputation on her aptitude with brilliant (and flattering) colour but she and her staff also do a mean blow dry. Situated down near Satwa, she's a must with the in-the-know Dubai crowd. She is always searching the globe for the latest in hair technology, and quite literally, sending her esteemed team to be trained by the best in the industry – worldwide. This woman has a waiting list as long as the hair she so expertly tends to, so if you're after her magic touch, get dialing now. Prices vary per consultation – if you manage to get one, that is.


Another stylist with a waiting list to rival an Hermes Birkin bag is Pastels very own Anthony – but like the shampoo ads always told us – he's worth it. This guy can not only fix any hair SOS situations without so much as breaking a sweat, but also gives incredible effortless looks straight from the pages of the latest fashion mags. Undone curls? Sure. Beachy highlights? No probs. Game Of Thrones' Khaleesi-style bleach job? Easy. 

The Loft 5th Avenue

With four outlets in Dubai alone – and the latest in Downtown's Bay Square even offering food and drink from their first ever on-site cafe while you sit in the stylist's chair – The Loft Fifth avenue are certainly doing something right. Given that it is often frequented by some of the fussiest beauty editors in the UAE (and believe us, those guys are tricky customers indeed) it has a reputation for listening to its clients, and doing what suits them, as opposed to what they want. With so many branches, The Loft Fifth Avenue could easily feel like yet another chain salon. But, it doesn't. 

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