An EDGY New Travel Series Featuring Two Arab Women Bikers Is Coming To The UAE This Month

The concept sounds super WOKE

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If travel shows are your jam then we have some EXCITING news for you!

A new travel series called 'The Open Road' chronicling two Arab women bikers as they embark on a life-changing journey across the areas of the UAE, Lebanon and Jordan will premiere on October 13 on all FOX channels.

The show features Chantal from the UAE and Pamela from Lebanon, who take on an eventful journey, with themes of social and cultural barriers, travel and friendship tying the series together.

The two women will ride across some rarely seen locations in the aforementioned three countries and will also take in some jaw-dropping vistas, indulge themselves with local cuisine, and take part in death-defying experiences.

All and's an action-packed travel show with plenty of adventure to boot

"It reinforces our vision to bring world-class entertainment that is not only locally relevant, but locally produced,” said Sanjay Raina, general manager and senior vice-president of Fox Networks Groups.

“The series comes at the perfect time where Arab women are increasingly celebrated, and with this series starring two young Arab female bikers, we celebrate their spirit of exploration and adventure as well. And Season 1 is just the beginning,” he added.

The first season of 'The Open Road' first will premiere on October 13, 2018 at 8pm on the following 11 channels: FOX, FOX Life, FOX Rewayat, FOX Family, FOX Crime, FOX Movies, FX, Fox Action, and on National Geographic Abu Dhabi as well as on Star Movies and Star World with a simulcast on Facebook and YouTube

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