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Your Favourite 90’s Boy Band Is Playing For Tonight Only And Entry Is Absolutely Free!

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It never ceases to amaze us here at Lovin Dubai, how often venues put on amazing gigs that have no cover charge. Seriously, it happens more often than you would think, the only real issue is sometimes you only hear about the gig AFTER it’s happened.

Fortunately this weekend we’re ahead of the game..and we’re going to let you in a one giant, fuzzy poptastic secret.

Tonight, at Society, 5ive are playing a gig…and it’s absolutely free!

You read that right, my friends. Relive your nineties dreams and fan girl/ fan boy the night away.  The band starts at 11.30 but you may want to get in the door early to be sure to secure the spot. (Doors open at 9.30).

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This is the news all us nineties kids have been yearning for

Get DOWN to hits like ‘Slam dunk da funk’ (don’t act like you don’t love it!) ‘When the lights go out’ ‘GGot the feeling’, ‘Everybody get up’ and ‘If you’re getting down’. Seriously, is it possible to read any of those without singing the words in your head? We think not.

Be prepared, 5ive now only has three members

Although the tunes will be the same, two of the members have since stepped aside. Tonight Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville and Scott Robinson will be the ones to man the stage. (Which means no J or Abz, sorry ladies).

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What else do you need to know?

Societe is based in the Marina. Entry is free but you can book a table for AED 1,300. Call 050 357 1126 or email Kristina@societe.ae for more info.

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