The Weslodge Team Have Just Opened A New Place But Will It Repeat The Success

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A new year, some things remain the same in Dubai. There is a new restaurant open at what seems like every single day. For those that haven't been, Weslodge Saloon, on the 68th Floor of JW Marriott Marquis in Business Bay was one of the best additions to Dubai dining and bar scene last year. Icon Arabia, the hospitality group, have now opened Morah. 

Now they have opened Morah at the same hotel

Morah is known as Byblos in Toronto and Miami beach but the name had to be changed as Byblos is trademarked here. A bit like the format of Atelier M at Pier 7, it's split over two floors, the 71st and 72nd, the first floor is the restaurant and the second floor is the bar and lounge. Expect good food, drinks and great views. 

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It's still the same fine Mediterranean cuisine.

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Weslodge was a real favourite last year... it remains to be seen whether Morah can follow that success 

The similar cuisine and bar lounge combo, Satine, opened and closed quiickly after at Nicki beach last year. Maybe that was due to the location, the JW Marriott has far greater footfall, so perhaps the idea of a Mediterranean style place was right, just the location wasn't. 

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