The whale shark is back!

This time it fancied a swim near The Palm

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It's been four long months since we all went whale shark crazy...but looks like the whale shark is back for another visit, this time to The Palm, rather than the Marina. Of course, there's nothing to say that it's the same one, and it's seems this one might have been twice the size of the last one.

Gulf News reported that a marina assistant at the Nakheel Marina Yachts Club, spotted the fish swimming by the docks at 9am on Wednesday.

“The whale shark was more than 10 feet long, and was swimming by the boats at the marina with small fish surrounding it. I was told that someone spotted it yesterday evening also. I quickly took out my phone to take a video.”

The whale shark hung around for about an hour and a half before swimming back into the open sea. 

Of course, it's perfect fodder for social media. Here's our favourite video...

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