The World's Most Expensive Pillow Is Coming To Dubai And It's Not What You'd Expect It To Look Like

And it costs AED210,000

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At a whopping AED210,00, this is not your everyday pillow. 

Coming to INDEX at Dubai World Trade Centre on May 22-25, the world's most expensive pillow will cost you more than the average vehicle, but will invoke a feeling of weightlessness according to its creator. 

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Why, you ask, is it so expensive? 

The pillow is made using a 3D printer, tailored to each individual's dimensions and requirements. It's woven with 24-carat gold, and uses Egyptian cotton and Mulberry silk. 

Oh and it has a diamond studded zipper complete with a sapphire. 

Golden Fabric

Creator, Thijs van der Hilst is a neck specialist and took 15 years to conceive the idea 

"Once the core of the pillow is ready, our craftsmen create a precisely fitting cover made out of 24 carat gold to block all radiation during the night, ensuring the most healthy sleep environment for the user.

"That golden fabric makes up both sides of the sleep-aid, while its zipper comes studded with no less than four diamonds and a huge 22.5ct sapphire. Heading out for the night? Then pack it in its custom made Louis Vuitton case and you're bed ready."

Neck specialist and pillow creator, Thijs van der Hilst

So you'll be sleeping on a 24-carat cloud...

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