This New Ban On Etisalat And Du Is The Best Thing Ever

No More Over Inflated Phone Bills.


We’ve all come across those newspaper headlines of poor souls being hit with phone bills they weren’t even aware of. And if luck hasn’t been shining on you, then you’ve probably even experienced it yourself. Well, the good news is that it’s time to say goodbye to that HORRIBLE moment. Telecom providers Etisalat and DU have been BANNED from charging customers for extra data if their package runs out! Here’s everything you need to know.

Regulators state there must be a ‘hard cap’ on all data bundles. This is to protect customers from unfair data billing. Bravo!


But note, under this new directive: once you’ve exhausted your data, you won’t be able to use any more data


The only way telecom providers can supply you with additional data is if…

  • You subscribe to another bundle
  • You opt-in to be charged
  • You instruct Etisalat or Du to remove the cap

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