This Dubai Restaurant Chain Are Giving Out Free Dough Balls If You Manage To Catch A Pokemon!

Gotta catch em' all.

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Pokémon is taking over!! Some restaurants have officially banned Poké-trainers from catching Pokémon in their venues while others are encouraging it! Either way, it seems like everyone is jumping on the band wagon. And we're definitely not complaining...well not if there's a chance of free food.

Free food? Yup, you heard us right! Pizza Express in are handing out the free dough balls if you catch a Pokémon.

All you need to do is tag a Pizza Express in a screen shot of you catching a Pokémon while in any UAE PizzaExpress restaurant and you will be rewarded with a free portion of dough balls!

The offer is valid throughout the rest of July and the whole of August in all of their venues so you have plenty of time to download the app. What's even better is that the offer is valid IN CONJUNCTION with any other offer they have on. Heroes.

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