This New Gadget Can Sense If Your Bus Driver Is Falling Asleep At The Wheel

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As part of the Smart Dubai Initiative, a new technology that is able to detect bus driver fatigue has been revealed. The new technology is in effort to increase bus-rider safety in the UAE.

The "watchman" or the "AL Raqeeb", as the device is known, senses when the driver begins to close his eyes and alerts the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) control centre.

"Dozing is constantly monitored using a special camera. Video is recoreded and communicated to the control centre for validation. The control center (will) notify the driver and evaluate his ability to drive."

According to Adel Shakri, director of Transportation Systems at the RTA​,

If necessary, the control centre, which acts a little bit like a "big brother",will recommend that that driver take a break.

This new device, is especially reassuring now that school is back in play and since the new map system for public transport has been released.

According to the RTA, the "Al Raqeeb" (The Watchman") has resulted in an 88% drop of bus drivers' exhaustion cases.

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