Tom and Serg to open a place that serves booze

Think big rustic meals with a cold bevvy

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Everyone loves a bit of the Tom&Serg eatery in Al Quoz, and there's a fair bit of love for their other cafes, The Sum of Us and Common Grounds. They seem to have hit the hipster hotspot when it comes to food and a damn good coffee. But imagine if they served booze too. Well, no need to dream about that possiblity, because they're about to do it.

Bull & Roo Co-Founders and Managing Directors Tom Arnel and Sergio Lopez have revealed the next project in the pipeline is the opening of their first licensed venue ‘Brunswick Sports Club’, set to launch in February 2016.

So, what's it going to be like? We'll let the guys tell you:

Sergio Lopez says: “Tom and I always aim to create venues that we ourselves want to hang out in, and Brunswick Sports Club is no exception”. He goes on to describe ‘Brunswick’, as its affectionately referred to, as “all about celebrating our love of sport, community, and that infallible reward of an ice-cold bevvy at the end of a long day. It’s casual, paying homage to Tom’s Australian roots and of course, shorts are always welcome.”

“We’ll be serving up wholesome, rustic, man-sized portions, crisp drinks, an array of epic burgers and sharing food for the whole team”, adds Tom Arnel. “Think distinct and industrial fit-out that draws inspiration from a Brooklyn style gym with a spacious courtyard full of lush greenery – an affordable place for after work or on the weekends to ‘talk turkey’ with your mates, enjoy lively entertainment or watch a game and most importantly, to unwind”,

While Tom and Serg have not yet revealed the location of the bar, Sergio teases “the location is very central and accessible no matter what part of the city you’re coming from”.

Details of the opening date and location will be revealed in the coming weeks. To find out more about Brunswick, follow Tom and Serg’s newest concept on Instagram @_brunswicksc_

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