Two-hour terror as man on BA flight to Dubai tells passengers he has a bomb "and you're all going to die"

Dj tells of his daughter's horror as man fought with flight crew and spat at travellers

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A man on board a BA flight to Dubai last night attacked, spat and swore at aircrew before threatening to blow up the plane during a two-hour ordeal.

The news broke when London-based DJ Steve Penk tweeted the information. His daughter Natalie, 27 who was on the flight, said she feared for her life.

She told her father that the man in question began running up and down the aisles and verbally abusing staff, then spitting at passengers and shouting: 'I have a bomb and you're all going to die.'

After 45 minutes of running riot on the flight from Heathrow, the man was handcuffed while being restrained by four members of staff and another passenger.

Steve Penk explained: “They had to handcuff him and then cover him with a blanket. My daughter Natalie says the guy was literally screaming and shouting he couldn't breathe. He shouted everyone was going to die. Absolutely terrifying,” 

The British Airways flight BA105 took off around 8.55pm and landed in Dubai at 6.56am this morning. A spokesperson for British Airways said: “Our customers and crews deserve to enjoy their flights, and not to suffer any form of abuse. This sort of behaviour will absolutely not be tolerated, and the appropriate action will always be taken.”

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