IT'S OFFICIAL: UAE Passport Has Just Become The Third Most Powerful In The World

What an achievement!

Uae Passport Third Rank

What a phenomenal news!

It was ONLY a couple of days back when we announced that the UAE passport ranked 7th in the world according to the Global Passport Index.

But it has now moved up the ranks to become the THIRD most powerful in the world. IN JUST 20 DAYS....go figure!

Needless to say this is quite an achievement

With a visa-free score of 163, Emirati citizens can now enter 113 countries visa-free, while getting visa on arrival for 50 countries.

In 2017, the UAE announced its ambitious goal of becoming one of the five most powerful passports in the world by 2021, an incredible feat that they achieved in just ONE year instead of four!

Here's the updated index

1. Singapore and Germany

2. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, South Korea and USA

3. Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Japan, UK, Ireland, Canada and UAE

4. Czech Republic and Hungary

5. Malta, Iceland, New Zealand and Australia

6. Malaysia, Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia

7. Estonia

8. Romania and Bulgaria

9. Cyprus and Liechtenstein

10. Croatia and Monaco

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