The UAE Space Agency Has Just Launched Something But It Is Not What You Think

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The UAE Space Agency is making new strides every day and will be ready for its first space mission by 2021.

(You can apply to be UAE's first astronaut here.)

That's not all - UAE will be launching satellites (yes, plural) in 2018.

But the Space Agency has made another very exciting (but maybe not as much as a person in space...) earlier this week

An online portal called iShuttle has been launched and it is everything you need to stay updated (and engaged) with UAE's space program.

There are opportunities to contribute your own ideas and solutions to some of the many challenges that comes with space exploration and win prizes for it! 

There are also plenty of competitions to win and be as involved with the Space Agency as possible.

Pretty cool, right?

You can visit the portal here.

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Rabiya Jaffery

Rabiya is very uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person but has heard it can be effective for things like this. Her interests include politics, horse riding, and eating breakfast food as frequently as possible.