UberCHOPPER is back in Dubai!

And this time you don't need to be rolling in it to get on board

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Didn't get to take advantage of the rather flashy UberCHOPPER over the Formula 1 weekend last month? Worry not, there's still a chance to get in the air over Dubai with the apps latest rides. Instead of a cab to the Abu Dhabi racing circuit, Uber are offering 20-minute helicopter rides over Dubai, taking in Old Dubai, Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina. The UberTOUR, as it's called, will cost you AED 530 per person, if you book for a group of six, or AED 630 if you book an individual seat.

UberTour will run in the same way as the taxi service, with bookings made through the app. Your car will pick you up from your chosen location and then take you to the helipad at Atlantis to begin your ride, after a quick safety briefing of course. The service is available between 10am and 4.30pm every day, and is said to run for the early part of next year.

We think it's going to be a hit, so log into your Uber app now and confirm your seat in the sky!

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