WARNING: Missing The Health Insurance Deadline Next Month Could Get You A Big Fine

Here’s a round-up of the Dubai Health Insurance Law


We all like to believe we’re fit and fine, therefore in no need of health insurance. But it’s time we think again! Not only will it cover us should the situation arise, but it will keep us on the right side of the law. The health insurance is now mandatory by law for all UAE residents and the repercussion of not getting yourself insured before the 30 June deadline is pretty clear. A fine!

The law...

The Dubai Health Insurance Law No 11 of 2013 that came into effect in January 2014 mandates that all nationals and residents with a Dubai visa should have compulsory health insurance cover. 


What is the essential insurance package?

It is the basic one with a premium fixed between Dh565 and Dh650. The idea being even those with salaries under Dh4,000 receive adequate cover. These include all the blue collar workers, domestic help, maids and nannies.

The easiest way to get this insurance…

Shop for it on the Dubai Health Authority website. The marketplace section on the site allows users to compare the benefits against the fee for all 46 registered insurance providers in the UAE.


What sort of cover do you get?

The basic includes outpatient consultancy at clinics, referrals to specialists and for surgical and pathology investigations, maternity health cover, emergency visit to hospital and any surgeries required. Covers can be tailored as per the resident’s requirements.

The PENALTIES for violators…

For every individual that fails to do so, the employer (sponsor) will be fined for every month starting July until the time of their visa renewal. Self-employed individuals will have to pay their own fines. Fines are around AED 500 per person per month (would be cheaper to pay for your insurance instead).


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