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A Popular Dubai Laundry Service Will Wash Your Kids For You And It’s Actually Kind Of Genius

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Bear with us for a sec, this actually makes a lot of sense.

Washmen, one of the UAE’s leading laundry services has unveiled its latest service and we can see it taking off in Dubai.

For a small cost, Washmen will send someone to your home to clean and scrub your kid(s) from head to toe. Every parent knows what a hassle it is to make sure your kids are clean, so no doubt all parents will LOVE this.

This is probably the most Dubai thing we’ve ever heard, but we reckon it will catch on…

The Wash Kids Service costs just AED99 per visit

Wash Kids is basically ideal for parents who lead busy lives, and need some extra chill time in the evening.

Similar to the Washmen laundry service, you simply log onto the easy-to-use app and a certified washer will be at your door within the hour.

The service offers to scrub your kids from head-to-toe and then get them ready for bed, OR if you’re heading out, the service will make sure the kids are neat and tidy and ready for the evening ahead! Genius!

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The new service is launching TODAY

And for ONE DAY ONLY, Washmen is offering this service for free as a once off!

Try it for FREE HERE.

What do you need to know about Washmen

Washmen is a popular mobile-based laundry and dry clean service. They offer timely pick-ups and drop-offs within 30 minute time slots that are most convenient to you. Following on from an impressive laundry and dry-cleaning service, the company is expanding into a kid’s cleaning services; a first of its kind in the region.

Get your free Wash Kids service free here.

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