More Rain Is Expected To Hit The UAE Today But The Temperature Will Likely Reach 49 Degrees Celsius

Brace yourselves, people

Weather Update

Rain lashed certain parts of the UAE on Friday and more is expected today with cloud cover persisting across the country, as stated by National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

A spokesperson from NCM explained Gulf News that while many internal areas may not experience rainfall, this is not unusual.

He said, "during this time of the year, there are normally easterly winds blowing, which support cloud formation. Yesterday, in the beginning of the day, there wasn’t much rain because of the dust. It was blocking the air from rising up. So, it appeared hazy. But, over the west, there was a sea breeze, which brought in moisture from the seas and lead to the clouds become convective.”

Today's weather will also remain the same with blowing dust hampering the visibility to less than 2000 m until 8pm today

It will be a VERY HOT day with temperature expected to hit 49 degrees Celsius

Not a good day to go out in the afternoon for sure

Be careful when driving, peeps!

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Nikita Mukherjee

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