This Is What The Weather Will Be Like During The Eid Break And It Doesn't Look Too Good

Hand fans at the ready


There are loads of good things about the next four days - we're going to have paid leave, cinemas will be open 24 hours, malls will be busy - but the one thing that won't be good at all is the weather!

Temperatures for tomorrow could go up to 48 degrees Celsius and humidity levels could range from 75% to 95%.

Unfortunately, it is going to be a VERY hot and humid Eid.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology also stated that today and tomorrow will be warm to extremely hot. There will be a probability of clouds forming over the eastern and southern areas by the afternoon, with chances of rain. On the other hand, western and internal areas may experience fog and mist formation on early Wednesday morning.

The weather until Saturday will pretty much remain in the late 40s, with humidity expected to rise at night over some coastal and inner areas.

Now that Ramadan is over, carry your bottle of water with you at all times to stay hydrated.

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