Heads-Up The New Week Will Start With Not-So-Great Weather

Brace yourself


Every time we think the weather is improving, it really isn't. Not for the next two or three days at least.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology today and Sunday will be hot and it will be dusty to partly cloudy in some areas. Fog is likely in the western coasts.

The wind speed will be light to moderate and active occasionally during the night and early morning. 

This is the weather for the coming week...

(courtesy: AccuWeather)

Sunday - highs of 44 degrees Celsius and lows of 34 degrees Celsius

Monday - highs of 42 degrees Celsius and lows of 32 degrees Celsius

Tuesday - highs of 41 degrees Celsius and lows of 32 degrees Celsius

Wednesday - highs of 41 degrees Celsius and lows of 31 degrees Celsius

Thursday - highs of 40 degrees Celsius and lows of 32 degrees Celsius

From Friday there will be a drop in temperatures with the average highs at 39 / 38 degrees Celsius and lows at 32 / 31 degrees Celsius.

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