Why Can't All Dubai Awareness Campaigns Be As Meaningful As This One

“The Human Crossing” is a innovative road campaign that launched this month by Volkswagen Middle East in partnership with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority and Smart Dubai. The campaign is in aid of trying to make pedestrian crossings safer for UAE residents.

According to Abu Dhabi Police, 20% of all traffic accidents in the UAE involve a pedestrian. 

In order to emphasise this issue, Volkswagen implemented a structure, arched over a pedestrian crossing outside of Gems Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis. The structure then highlights the name of individual students crossing beneath it – essentially giving a face to each pedestrian and reminding motorists that the individual crossing could be their family, friend or neighbour. 

“Road safety is an important issue for the UAE and broader region. In our commitment to road safety beyond the chassis of a car, we have launched a campaign working with our most vulnerable citizens to drive home an impactful message.

Thomas Milz, Managing Director, Volkswagen Middle East
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“The goal is to make our roads more human. Human roads are safer roads, because they’re full of compassion and care. At Volkswagen, we do everything to engineer safer cars – from brakes and air bags, to vehicle structural integrity - but we cannot engineer our surroundings. We can however, offer innovative ideas and initiatives that can create a positive discussion for change”.

Thomas Milz
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"Volkswagen is about more than just cars. For us, people always come first. It's in our DNA and in our name”

Thoms Milz

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