This Willy Wonka Style Cafe Is Coming To Dubai And Its Creations Look Spectacular

"Cherry Mexican vanilla mousse with chocolate cotton candy"

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You remember the scene in the 1971 movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory where Violet turns Violet? Well, let's just say this Denver import will bring similar (if not such) experiences to Dubai. Still confused? The Inventing Room (known for its mind-blowing desserts) will be opening in Dubai very soon. Using liquid nitrogen and compression techniques, these guys bring an entertainment value to customers' food experiences. It's all about creating impossible treats in front of a diner's eyes.

Their goal is to open at The Dubai Mall

They've signed a shareholder agreement with investors in Dubai and chef Ian Kleinman will be coming here next month to look for kitchens and meet with clients.

This is the kind of stuff they're famous for

Cherry Mexican vanilla mousse with chocolate cotton candy

If only we could have potholes filled with this stuff too

Gooseberry thyme sorbet served on a palm

Toasted marshmallow that will be served between double chocolate cookies and Graham cracker ice-cream

Another day at work for chef Ian Kleinman

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