This Is Why The World's Hottest Criminal Could Be Coming To Dubai

Is that good news or bad news?


Remember Jeremy Meeks? Yes, that 30-year-old who was sentenced to 27 months in a Californian prison (street terrorism-related charges and for carrying an unlicensed weapon) in February 2015 and who went on to become the 'hottest convict ever' after the Stockton Police Department in California released his picture on its Facebook page.

The shot that went viral. It gathered more than 100,000 likes and 27,000 comments

Jeremy Meeks Mugshot Ftr

Pic credit: Hollywood Life

The guy was released a few weeks ago under house arrest and he posted a picture of himself and his new manager, Jim Jordan, together. Meeks' manager told The Daily Mail: 'We have movies on the table, we have book deals on the table, we have reality non-scripted television on the table, we have pilots on the table, and we have club openings in Dubai, Vegas and all over the world'.

It is said that his new representatives at White Cross Management are lining up a modelling career and money for public appearances. Plus, his manager went on to say that they have major fashion brands and designers on the table but he wouldn't be able to disclose names just yet.

Any guesses which club in Dubai will invite the convict to its opening? 

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