Residents Beware: Scamming 'Year Of Tolerance' WhatsApp Groups Are Going And Nobody's Safe

Year Of Tolerance

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) tweeted out a warning to UAE residents to be conscious of the fraudulent groups going around WhatsApp claiming to promote the 'Year of Tolerance.'

In a short statement issued by the TRA on Saturday, messages or groups that randomly add residents and discuss the Year of Tolerance are fake and could result in your account getting hacked.

This photo shared by the TRA is an example of the messages that have been making rounds

Your best bet is to ignore, block and delete

Although some of these messages asking residents to click on a link to join a WhatsApp 'Tolerance' group could look realistic, the TRA states that it's a tactic to get ahold of WhatsApp accounts and hack it easily.

Stay safe, peeps

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