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10 Easy Types Of Workouts That Won’t Cost You A Dime

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As much as we dread it and despise it, you can’t deny that it feels AMAZING once you’re done with it. The word brings out a billion different emotions but once you put aside all the fear and procrastination towards breaking a sweat, you’ll see just how crucial it is for you to pick up a healthy lifestyle.

Exercising a bare minimum of 30 minutes a day can do wonders to your body and soul as the hormones released work on keeping your mind centred and focused as well as your heart fit. That’s why for all those busy bees out there with a hundred different commitments, we have compiled a short and sweet list of 10 exercises you can do in a breeze.

No fees or membership required.

Urm no chewing food is not an exercise, please continue scrolling and start doing one of these ACTUAL exercises

10. Walking… yes walking too is a form of exercise as well

It’s no secret that walking for ATLEAST 30 minutes a day is good enough to keep you, your body and your mind healthy and strong. Whether you power walk, brisk walk, skip and walk or just casually stroll around, make sure you’re doing it for a solid 30 minutes or more!

Don’t cheat the easiest form of exercise that you could possibly do.

9. Running: find your happy pace

Coz like duhh… is any exercise list even complete without ‘running’? The bittersweet form of cardio has got some in complete favour of the exercise and others running… running far away from the word as possible.

Although, to some as scary as running may sound, there’s an entire spectrum of running. From sprinting to jogging, once you find a pace that best keeps you motivated you are going to fall in love with the sweet escape that comes along with running around tracks or open landscapes.

P.S. You can run in the comfort of your own home! Just run on the spot for a good 3-4 minutes continuously and you’ll be working up a sweat in no time.

8. Jump rope… easy peasy lemon squeezy

The Mac Dad’ll make ya (Jump jump)
The Daddy Mac’ll make ya (Jump jump)
Kris Kross’ll make ya (Jump jump)

Okay now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to business. Jumping rope just maybe the ultimate shortcut to getting fit, plus it’s hella fun. Just gotta stand there and well… jump.

Doing it for 30 counts in reps of 3 a day will keep that body feeling good and looking even better.

Or go dutch with your friends and do the whole #swag #bronx jump roping.

7. Swimming: requires a lil extra effort but ALWAYS worth it

It’s not a myth, swimming is, in fact, a full-body work out that activates up all the 650 muscles in your body.


Whilst your chilling and taking in the pleasant Dubai weather, swim a couple of laps and those muscles feeling great the next day.

Plus a fact that a lot may not know, is that you burn calories way faster in the water and one of the most effective and calorie burning pool exercises is water jogging.

6. Stairs, always opt for em’ stairs. ALWAYS!

Don’t let the procrastination kick in! Use the stairs whenever and wherever possible. Obviously not if your office is on the 42nd floor (like ours) but if your destination is just a couple of floors away, then opt for stairs. For which you can treat yourself to a nice pizza slice later on.

Initially it’s recommended that you reward yourself for the little steps that you take to get your body motivated into making it a lifestyle.

5. Yoga: YAAAS the calmest most destressing exercise form known to mankind

Stretch it out and flex out your core. You can either join group classes for this or you can always just join in a virtual YouTube class coz this is the 21st century and that’s how we do it.

Strengthen your core by spending at least an hour performing yoga techniques that have been passed down over the years from ancient India and see the DRAMATIC transformation that your body and soul goes through once all your chakras have been aligned.

4. You can DANCE, you can jive, having the time of your life

YAS Dance it out Qweeens!

From the comfort of your own home or with your squad OR by joining a Zumba or any dance class for that mater.

The most fun form of exercising to which you’ll be breaking a sweat to in no time at all – without even realising it.

3. Planking: it used to be a challenge back in 2012 let’s make it a thing again

Go around and just plank… on the tables, floor, bed, wherever. But in all seriousness, the right form of planking can do WONDERS to your core and actually kick start those washboard, summer-bod abs.

In this exercise form that mimics a plank of wood, you have to lie down and hold your upper body up with JUST the support of your forearms and toes.

Do it for a minute in reps of three along with a nice walk in the park and you’re good to go.

2. Cycling: who doesn’t love cycling… unless you don’t know how to then just skip this one

Riding a bicycle around town doesn’t even have to feel like your exercising. Just ride it around the park or down the street and take in the fresh air while you’re at it.

Opt to cycle to the grocery or your nearby salon instead of taking out the car and VOILA you’re helping the environment and your body work out those horrible toxins. Go on rides with your famjam or with your friends to switch things up every once in a while.

1. Squats: So easy you can be doing it right now

If you are ULTRA busy and really do not have the time for an actual hour-long workout or heading out for walk or even the time to do your hair then THIS. IS. THE. WORKOUT. FOR. YOU.

Just get into form and do a couple of squats whenever you get the time (preferably in the morning) but whenever you can chance and squeeze those glutes really hard while you’re at it. Once your glutes are activated, your lower body will never look the same again.

Again though, none of these workouts will give you any results within a week or so, it’s all a process which you will have to turn into a lifestyle.

NOPE! Don’t let this be YOU! Get up and get fit, even if you have to take it one day at a time

It’s all a process so start with baby steps and work up a routine gradually.

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